LatinX Empowerment


One of my main goals as a Latina working in corporate America is to provide my colleagues with opportunities to develop professionally, provide avenues for social interaction, and promote inclusion & diversity throughout Accenture.

Joining a place where you feel like you belong, is essential to us humans! Immediately after I started my professional career at Accenture, I sought internal organizations that focused on the things I wanted to do and support: Hispanic-American Employee Resource Group, Recruiting for the University of Houston, and Mentoring SHPE students.

All of the these groups allowed me to hear the successes, fears, and challenges that many first-generation professionals had while navigating their careers. Inspired, I started hosting design thinking sessions across multiple Accenture location in order to develop the multiple LatinX personas. The insights supported a compelling story to present to Accenture leadership with the end goal of improving the recruiting and retention amongst my community. I was extremely happy to have found an organization that is willing to listen and continue to improve their tactics to make sure everyone has the resources needed to succeed.